Cold Days Ahead 
Many people think, "If there really was a 'god' he/she/it wouldn't allow pain and suffering and death.  A real "god" would take better care of us.  There is no proof of God's existence.  People are animals; clever animals popped accidentally from the big the stewpot of evolution.  There is no such thing as "god" or "the soul" or any other of that spiritual fantasy stuff.  You live, you die, and that is all there is to it.  There is not a shred of scientific proof to show that life after death is possible.  Death is the end.  That's that.  There is no scientific proof that any "god" will save you from the apparent oblivion of Death."  

More than a few of the earth's human female population have been co-opted into this ghoulish deception.  Human females are needed for "scientific" research because their wombs contain the unique apparatus from which human flesh originates.  Medical researchers are clever; but not so clever as to understand the creation of Life Itself.  Scientists jump-start their research by convincing the female humans that their wombs are not places of sanctity but only another system of planet Earth's biological "machinery".  And then they have their way with the ladies' womb-stuff.

No scientist or medical researcher in this world can ever say precisely where life begins.  No one in this world can ever say precisely when a bit of human flesh in the womb of a human female becomes a living Soul.  Given those two facts alone, it would seem logical to think that any truly compassionate human adult would have enough sense and sensitivity to leave it all well-enough alone.  

But that's not how it is and, sadly, the situation will not improve.  The ghouls of "science" have the bit in their teeth and money to burn.  Their attention is focused with laser heat onto the womb-stuff.  They want it and they'll get it, too.  This old world is about to get a whole lot colder than it ever has been.  The temperature-drop won't be measured in Fahrenheit, Centigrade, or Celsius.

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