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Current Events in The Present World
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One-Hundred-Million Chinese Pentecostal 
Christians Will Make Mincemeat Outta Islam

CityMagazine   Think You Know China?  Think Again.   by Guy Sorman

YouTube   Sister Rosetta Tharpe Shreds A Gibson  Sister Rosetta Tharpe 

Here's One Law Firm We'd All Be Better Off Without

BBC Producer Says Judas Iscariot and Pilate "felt legitimate"
in their betrayal and condemnation of the Christ.

Holiness for Sale!  Get Yer Red-hot Holiness...

From The H-Bomb to The Human Bomb:  
The Hybrid Weaponry of Modern Terrorism

The Godly And The Godless Face-Off in Birmingham, Alabama

Here's What Happens When "the Government" Takes Over

NYC's Columbia University Was Once Respected.  Not Anymore.

That Bizarre Little Man From Iran Wants to Kill YOU.  No Kidding.

Political Means To A Spiritual End:  
Radical Islamic Jihad in The United States of America

Conservatives are Liberals who have been mugged. 
 Here's one talking about it.  47 minutes' worth.

GoogleSearch  "Fear of Death"  Millions of  Hits   Surprisingly Informative

Should The Jews Rebuild The Third Temple?   by Steve Rosenberg

Oh man!  This is Rich!  "The New New Atheism?  Whatta Hoot!"    BY PETER BERKOWITZ

Satan hates Latin.  Satan hates the Pope.  Satan hates You.   by Raymond Arroyo

Blog:  TenuredRadical    Describes A Sad Affair in Modern Academe   Claire B. Potter

YouTube   Florida Inventor Finds A Way To Burn Water    Various Reports

ArutzSheva   Bizarre Digs At The World's Most Contested Religious Site   by Ezra HaLevi

LondonDailyMail   British-born Muslim Fanatic Tells All!   by Hassan Butt

WallStreetJournal   Can two walk together if they be not agreed?   By Evan R. Goldstein

FrontPageMagazine   Who Taught the Shooter @ VirginiaTech?  by Steve Sailer

WallStreetJournal  New Facts About Old Assumptions   by David A. Shaywitz

ArizonaDailyStar   Spiritual Ignorance in Religious Robes  by Stephanie Innes

WallStreetJournal  Old Law Keeps New Citizens in Second-Class   by Evan Goldstein

LondonGuardian   Brainscan Set to Predict The Future?   by Ian Sample,,2009217,00.html

LondonTimes  Two English Bishops Cozy-Up to Evil   by Elizabeth Purveson

Slate.Com  Phil Spector.  A Real Man's Man.  Not!

NewYorkPost   The Suing Imams
the_suing_imams_editorials_.htm   In Memorium:  Johnny Hart:  1931-2007

CityJournal  The British Way of Murder   by Theodore Dalrymple

RTE News   Christians Are a Thing of the Past in Modern Ireland

TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN -- ISLAM, INDONESIAN STYLE   The Arab Invasion   by Bret Stephens   The Exorcist   by Bret Stephens   The Culture of Bitches, Ho's, and Niggas   by Michelle Malkin
2007/04/11/the_culture_of_bitches,_hos,_and_niggas Transcript   Glenn Beck:  Honest Questions about The End of Days

Wall Street Journal   Packet Politics:  Bellheads vs. Netheads   by Daniel Henninger

London Times   Pope Says Hell Is Real   Richard Owen

American Thinker   Letter To A Popular Atheist   by Steve Alderman

Wall Street Journal   Bong Hits For Jesus   by Daniel Henninger

BBC News   Some Taleban Kidnap Demands Met   by Staff  
Earlier Version of The Same Story :    

FrontPage Magazine   Secular Creationism   by David Horowitz

Asia Times Online   Europe Is Not The Sum of Its Parts   by Spengler

Asia Times Online   Admit It.  You Hate Modern Art   by Spengler

RealClear   Exhaustive daily analysis of U.S.A. Politics   by Various Writers

Wall Street Journal   Armageddon and the Mahdi   by Masood Farivar


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