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Andrew Murray has written in contemporary language a compelling explanation of the supernatural relationship between the Soul of mankind and the Spirit of God.  Quite simply, there is nothing to compare with the simplicity and forthrightness of Mr. Murray's enlightened and inspiring narrative entitled, "The Spirit of Christ."  Across a century of time and the Atlantic Ocean, Mr. Murray's writing about the Spirit of Christ has come to life again.  We dedicate this page to Mr. Andrew Murray.
This  page  was  created  and  Dedicated  on  September  21st  2007

1.  The Spirit of Christ by Andrew Murray    A deeply inspiring, altogether enlightened work of the Spirit.  Read and be amazed.

2Andrew Murray, minister.   This is a Wikipedia entry; a short biographical sketch of who, what, where, when, and why.

3...more biographical detail     Explores the spiritual evolution of Andrew Murray.  New names are named.  1 thing leads 2 another.